SWAMS Walk and Talk Mental Health Camps

November 4, 2019

SWAMS has recently held the first of six planned, seasonal camps focusing on the importance of healing and Mental Health. The camp was a great success with participants expressing their interest in being involved again next season.

The Djilba camp Kambarang delivered the full 3 day Red Dust Healing Program which gives participants a better understanding of past traumas and how these experiences affected people’s lives and helps them understand how to move forward in love and respect.

The program has been written from an Indigenous perspective and allows participants to examine and understand past grief and loss. Being able to yarn with other people from similar backgrounds empowers healing messages.

Red Dust Healing targets a multifaceted approach covering four main areas: Healing, Pro-Social Modelling, Professional Development and Cultural Awareness.

Participants were also able to be part of a cultural tour of the Roelands Mission, learning about the lives of the Aboriginal children who grew up on the land. One participant explained how much this camp meant to them “Without these tools I think I would have still been wondering aimlessly and be lost. Thank you for helping me find me.”

For more information on our next Walk and Talk camp, please contact our SWAMS Mental Health team on 9726 6000 or on our toll free number 1800 779 000.


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