Summer Dayz

January 24, 2022

During the summer holidays SWAMS Djooroobidiny and Sexual Health Teams partnered with the Institute of Indigenous Wellbeing and Sport and Lottery West to run this deadly program. We were also supported by Aboriginal Community Mental Health Team from WACHS and the SWAMS TCP (Transition to Care Program) Team. Activities were held over 4 days in Donnybrook, Nannup, Busselton and Bunbury.

The focus of this program was to bring kids together to share cultural talks, health and mental health promotion messages combined with indigenous games, arts and other activities. This was followed by a health lunch.

We were fortunate enough to have Nan Nora come along and share her cultural knowledge with the children.

The Bunbury Surf School also came to the party and held body boarding and stand-up paddle boarding lessons and activities for Bunbury event.

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