Kaat Darabiny – Mental Health Team

At SWAMS we have a dedicated Kaat Darabiny (What you thinking?) Mental Health Team, servicing the needs of individuals, families and community.

Our team of health professionals are all tertiary trained and acknowledge that to work successfully in Mental Health, education and training is required over a lifespan. The team have a great range of collective skills to help people meet the demands of life’s challenges.

We acknowledge the importance of timely, accessible, integrated and culturally competent care for Aboriginal people and communities.

We understand that the spirit is the most essential requirement for good health; therefore, we take a holistic approach to wellness which considers the mind, body, spirit and family as connected. If one is unwell, then all of the other areas suffer.


Our dedicated team of health professionals provide a people centered and recovery approach to deliver the following services:

  • Safe talk counselling which includes general counselling, support around mental health, alcohol and other drug issues, and yarning about grief and loss
  • Referral support to specialised services including Next Step detox
  • Support to get into Residential Rehabilitation
  • Health promotion activities
  • Delivery of the only suicide prevention programme in schools
  • Other Suicide Prevention activities
  • Presentations and education sessions
  • Social Work support

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