Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions are major contributors to the mortality gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other Australians. Approximately 80% of the mortality gap for people aged 35 to 74 years is due to chronic diseases.

The major contributors to this gap are heart diseases, diabetes, liver diseases, chronic lower respiratory disease, cerebrovascular diseases and cancer. Our SWAMS Chronic Conditions team is here to assist you with management of chronic diseases such as the above.

Specialist clinics

We offer regular clinics with visiting specialists to assist with the diagnosis and management of chronic conditions, dental health and children’s health.

Our current specialist clinics include:

  • Renal
  • Opthamology
  • Dental
  • Cardiology
  • Podiatry
  • Paediatrics
  • Ear, Nose and Throat
  • Diabetes
  • and more…

A referral from your doctor is required to make an appointment with a specialist.

Your doctor or health worker will be able to provide you with more information, including the dates of any upcoming clinics.

ITC Program

The ITC program is delivered across WA. The ITC program helps Aboriginal people with chronic conditions to care for themselves with support and help from a GP and multi-disciplinary team.

SWAMS provides ITC services to Bunbury, the Greater Bunbury district, Harvey Shire, Capel Shire, Busselton, Augusta and Margaret River. You do not have to be a SWAMS Client to access our ITC Program.