RSV immunisations available for the first time

April 24, 2024

Do you have a baby aged up to 18 months old?
On Wednesday 1st May we are holding a special immunisation day to provide protection from RSV, and you are invited.
This is a newly-available immunisation and Aboriginal babies born on or after 1st October 2022 are eligible to receive it.
RSV can cause serious illness; bubs in their first year of life are at highest risk, and Aboriginal babies are at a greater risk of requiring hospitalisation, with 1 in 20 babies needing to stay in hospital.
RSV can also have long-lasting effects on children: RSV in early life is associated with subsequent childhood asthma, wheezing and allergies.
Babies in the USA and Europe were offered the immunisation last winter. It helped protect their babies from getting very sick with RSV and meant most babies did not need to stay in hospital.
Where? SWAMS Kwilenap Boodjari Moort (Maternal and Child Health Service)
Address? 1 Pratt Road, Eaton
Date? Wednesday 1st May
Time: 10am to 4pm
Playgroup is also on 10am to 12pm, so pop in to say hi!
Not available on 1st May but still want your koorlangka to be immunised, or do you have some questions? Phone us on 9726 6060.
Note that we may also contact parents/guardians to offer eligible babies the immunisation by appointment 

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