Positive Mindset, Positive Birthing

February 13, 2020

SWAMS and the Boodjari Moort Maternal and Child Health Team are excited to announce the introduction of the Positive Aboriginal Birth Program.
This course focuses on empowering the mother during their birthing experience by introducing mind/body techniques such as positive and calm thinking, relaxation techniques, understanding pain, hormones and the body’s natural responses during birth.

SWAMS’ Endorsed Midwife Clare Whiteley recently completed the Practitioner course, which enables her to deliver this progressive new program to SWAMS clients and local boodjari yorgas.
The course informs the mother on her choices and options for a calm birthing experience by educating participants on factors such as healthy choices during pregnancy, the optimal positioning for baby and mother and the role your birthing partner and support network can have to ensure you achieve your preferred birth.

By the end of the course the mother will have a full “toolkit” of techniques and knowledge to better equip them for a calm birth as well as some tips for bonding with baby after birth.
Please contact the Maternal and Child Health Team on 9726 6000 to register your interest.

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