Order of Australia Medal – awarded to SWAMS nurse

March 12, 2021

Nurse Manager Elsie Penny was recently awarded the Order of Australia Medal for her contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

Elsie has been a valued SWAMS employee since 1997. Her hard work and commitment to providing care to clients has been an inspiration to her colleagues and community.

“[I’m] Very proud to have this amazing lady as my nurse manager. Well done on your massive achievement Elsie, you are truly amazing.” said fellow colleague Shannelle Hawea.
Elsie first became a nurse because she wanted to care for people and help them feel better.

“I wanted to get a job looking after people’s health. The best part of working for SWAMS has been the fact that it is a great organisation that looks after the health needs of our community.” said Elsie.

For those who are interested in studying nursing or any other health profession. Elsie, she has some great advise:

“Challenge yourself. Set yourself a goal. Believe in yourself and you will get there in the end. We need more Aboriginal people working in all areas of health.”

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