In times of trouble

March 26, 2020

In Times of Trouble

We know our Mob are resourceful, heck, we are the oldest civilisation that has ever lived. A proud people, a proud culture.

With the outbreak of COVID-19 (commonly known as Coronavirus) these are some uncertain times and we know that. My stress and anxiety levels have increased and I imagine yours have too? It’s especially important now more than ever that we look after ourselves, we look after our families, and especially our Elders. But let’s not do it alone, and if you feel you are alone, help is here.

Understanding the symptoms is a good starting point. Everyone feels this stuff differently but the overall impact on our spirit is the same.

Thinking Self: Thoughts include, can’t cope, don’t wanna be here, had enough, I can’t get through this, not right in the head
Emotional Self: Sad all the time, crying lots, anxious, moods all over the place, guilty, shame for my feelings, massive amounts of fear
Family: Angry, resentful, too hard to coping
Spirit: Low, empty, desperate, suffocated, isolated

Ok, so now we’ve identified a few symptoms and there may have been others not listed, let’s get to it. 1 or 2 of these symptoms are normal, but if you have lots of this stuff going on then that’s a good sign that it’s time to reach out. Professional help isn’t a sign of weakness and gone are the days were there was shame in this kind of stuff. If you didn’t know already SWAMS has a dedicated team who specialise in Mental Health and importantly, we are a safe talk service that care about people. Think of us as an extension of your mob, because that’s how we feel about you.

We know that our people spread out and stick together, isn’t it great that we have all this technology out there? So if you are finding things hard and cant phone us here at SWAMS, please reach out to a trusted family member or friend on the phone, video messenger and just have a yarn. Reach out to those who matter the most to you for guidance, comfort and support. And let’s face it, we all enjoy a good yarn.

So here it is, to contact the SWAMS Mental Health team please phone 9726 6000 to register a call from our team. We have qualified counsellors, mental health prevention team and a social worker here to help. There are also a number of other community services available. Strong mind, body, family, strong spirit. Let’s stick together

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