COVID-19 is not over yet

September 4, 2020

Hey you mob,
COVID-19 is not over yet!
If you have symptoms, you need to tell our staff before entering any SWAMS building. This is so we can protect the community and our staff.
We will still see you… we just need to be prepared.

Before coming to any SWAMS Clinic, building, program or event you must tell staff if you have the following symptoms:

  • A sore throat
  • Feeling hot
  • Have a cough
  • Feel short of breath

We are trusting you to tell us if you are feeling sick so we can be prepared and give you the best health advice. We are doing well here in WA, but it is not over yet! Keep doing your social distancing and washing your hands.

#keepourmobsafe #COVID19 #letusknow

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