Clinical services

The South West Aboriginal Medical Service Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, committed to the preventative and holistic health care of our Aboriginal people.  Established in 1997 under the Coordinated Care Trial, the organisation has grown from the initial 3 staff to over 50 staff to provide a range of services including clinical, chronic disease, social and emotional wellbeing, health promotion, transport and administration.

SWAMSAC has over 10 years service and continues to grow from strength to strength through its motto “Our Health, Our Way”.

Our clinical services are located on Forrest Avenue, next door to the drive-through chemist and other health-care services.  Our clinical team consists of doctors, nurses, Aboriginal health workers, diabetes educator, child maternal health workers, and transport drivers.

SWAMS is a bulk-billing service, meaning there will be no charge for any health service received at our clinics.  However, if you are referred to a service other than one provided by SWAMS you may be charged a fee for that service.  Your doctor will talk to you about that at the time of making the referral.

SWAMS offers transport service to patients who have a doctors appointment at our clinic or a specialist appointment with another provider.  This service is provided to clients who do not have their own transport or have no other means of attending their appointments.  Transport is to be booked 24 hours in advance.  Transport to Perth must be booked 5 days in advance.

To book an appointment phone (08) 9726 6000 or 1800 779 000 (free call).