Clinical services

Our main clinical services are located on Forrest Avenue, next door to the drive-through chemist and other health-care services.  Our clinical team consists of doctors, nurses, Aboriginal health workers, diabetes educator, child maternal health workers, transport drivers and more.

We also have outreach clinics in Australind, Busselton, Brunswick, Collie and Manjimup.

SWAMS is a bulk-billing service, meaning there is no charge for Medicare services for patients who are registered with Medicare.

A fee may apply for services not covered by Medicare (such as some pathology testing, workcover health assessments, insurance and medicolegal reports and commercial licence fitness assessments).

If you are referred to a service other than one provided by SWAMS, you may also be charged a fee by that service provider.

Your doctor will be able to answer any questions you may have around fees payable.

Download a copy of our SWAMS Client Information Book

Unit 5/55 Forrest Avenue
(08) 9726 6000 or 1800 779 000 (toll free)
Mon, Tue, Fri 9am – 5pm
Wed 9am – 2pm
Thu 9am – 8pm
Sexual health clinic
Mon – Thu 9am – 3pm

KWILENAP (Maternal and Child Health)
Australind Healthplex, 12 Leisure Drive
(08) 9726 6060 or 0429 312 847
Tue, Thu 9.30am – 4pm
Wed 9am – 1pm
Women’s health clinic
Fri 9am – 12pm

Busselton Health Campus, Bussell Hwy
(08) 9753 6000
Mon, Thu 10am – 4pm

BRUNSWICK (walk-in appointments only)
St Johns Ambulance Sub Centre, 1 Ridley Street
(08) 9734 3581
Tue 10am – 12pm

Collie Hospital, Deakin Street
(08) 9726 6000
Mon 10am – 4pm

GP Down South rooms
Unit 7-8 / 30-32 Rose Street
(08) 9771 2260
Thu 10.30am – 3.30pm

To book an appointment at any of our clinic locations, phone (08) 9726 6000 or 1800 779 000 (free call).