The South West region of Western Australia has always played host to significant meetings of Noongar People and their cultural events, for thousands of years and well before the first Europeans landed on these shores and established ‘responsible government’ in 1829.

The South West region has always been of high cultural significance for local Nyoongar People who regard the area as an important food resource.

Historical records indicate that local Noongar people lived well.

SWAMS was incorporated in March 1997.

The first premises were located at Spencer Street, where a residence was converted to become the first SWAMS health service building.

Three staff members were employed and for the first time, Aboriginal people of the South West had access to their own primary health care service.

In 1999 we moved to the campus of the Bunbury Regional Hospital, until August 2015 when we moved to our brand new clinic at Forrest Avenue.

Our new clinic stands out in its prominent location, next to the drive-through chemist and other health-care services.

The state-of-the-art clinic has been received well by the community and has enabled SWAMS to provide a more diversified range of preventative and holistic health care.

Our administration building is located at Unit 3 /30 Wellington Street, Bunbury and houses our management, admin staff and Health Promotion Unit.